You guys rock. No, seriously. You do.

12 September 2009 | CURE,Kendrie birthday

As I mentioned in a previous post, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Specifically, today, Sept 12th, is Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.

As you might recall, last week for Kendrie’s birthday I asked anyone who was able to donate ten for ten to CURE Childhood Cancer — $10 for her 10th birthday, to celebrate her recovery from cancer, and to help fund research for improvements in pediatric cancer treatments …. always with an eye towards a cure, of course.

A few days ago, I received this e-mail, from Jann Jones of CURE:

“Good afternoon:

The donations are coming in and I would love to know the story. We feature “why people give” stories in our blog and on our Facebook page and I would love to hear Kendrie’s birthday story!

Jann W. Jones
Development and Operations Assistant
1835 Savoy Drive
Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30341
770-986-0035 ext. 25 (office)
770-986-0038 (fax)
CURE Childhood Cancer

I donated ten dollars — many others left comments saying they had donated as well. I don’t know how much we collectively donated, and I’m sure it’s not as much as some of the large-scale fundraisers that people do with CURE.

I don’t even care. Every dollar donated is a dollar closer to a cure, and I want to thank you for that.

I might just make this an annual tradition, and donate a dollar for Kendrie’s age every year on her birthday. Keeping my eye on the prize, however, will be the year none of us have to donate because childhood cancer has been cured.

That, my friends, will be a sweet birthday gift, indeed.

Until then, you rock. No, seriously. You do.

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