What makes a 12th birthday special …

18 September 2011 | Kendrie birthday

A sleepover with good friends …..

Swimming ….

Trampoline ….

S’mores …..

Cupcakes ….

And getting to do it all WITHOUT your brother and sister around, butting in.  I had a little parental guilt about the fact I was taking Brayden and Kellen to the away football game that night, but then realized Kendrie would rather enjoy the evening with JUST her and her friends, whether I was there or not.  So Blaine got Party-Parent Detail and did a fabulous job, including orders to take these photos  ….. I was back home in time for the sleep part of the sleepover, and best of all, brought donuts for the next morning.  S’mores, cupcakes, pizza, and donuts.  Does it really get any better than that???

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