Vacation Day inland, Virginia

17 July 2011 | Vacation Summer 2011

I put “inland” because technically, this isn’t vacation day number one, since vacation day number one was spent flying to the east coast.  However, we only spent one day at our friends house before driving to the beach the next day …so in a way, that was vacation day number one since it was our first day at the beach.  Or maybe the next day was vacation day one since it was our first FULL day at the beach.

Clearly I have no idea when our vacation started.

My friend Kim and I anticipated a quiet, calm, relaxing day where the kids could catch up, get re-aquainted, visit, hang out, chill — just RELAX.  That lasted about two hours.  We have eight kids between us, what was I thinking?   Although if Kellen had his way, he would never leave their game room, where the computer and Pac-Man game are located.   After a late breakfast (homemade chocolate chip banana bread … YUM!) and the requisite oohing and aahing over their adorable baby niece who was also visiting, we decided to take the kids out for a while.  We went to Costco to stock up on snacks for the beach trip, and then bought gas, whereby I made a total idiot of myself by not being able to  to find the lever to open the little door to the gas pump on my rental car.   Kim walked over and found it in about three seconds.  I blame vacation stress for my lack of brain cells.

Then we took the kids to a local skating/arcade/laser tag place.  Where we were …. literally …. the only people there.  Us, and three teenage workers.  Who hated my children because Kellen and Kendrie both had to try on three pair of roller blades until they found a pair that fit properly, had strings long enough to tie, and didn’t have loose wheels.  And even then, Kellen’s rubbed two blisters on his ankles that he sported the rest of the week.   At one point during the afternoon they played a dance-along type song (think … Chicken Dance …. but different….. along the tune of “McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut” …. quite catchy, actually) and all three workers were out on the floor, doing the dance, encouraging the kids to dance, too ….. while all of our children stood on the sides and stared at them.


Overall, though, it was great fun.  Of course, if you ask my children, the highlight of the entire day was stopping afterwards for an icy.  Why do I even bother taking them on vacation?  We could just hang out every day at 7-11 and they would be perfectly happy.

“Is he proposing, or just dragging her down with him when he falls???”

I know I said between us we have eight kids, and there are only seven in this photo, but Kim has one still young enough to nap.  I know, I can’t even remember that phase of my life.  Of course, considering Kendrie is my youngest, and she quit napping at 18 months, I guess its been so long I *shouldn’t* remember.

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