Vacation Day – Getting Oriented

19 July 2011 | Vacation Summer 2011

To be honest, you know what I like best about re-capping our vacation here on this blog?  Not only does it give me an excuse to go back through the 2000+ (no lie) photos that I took, and re-live the happy memories, but this way, when I *finally* get organized in four or six or (ahem) twelve months, and get ready to do a vacation scrapbook, all my journaling is already done.  Copy …. paste …. viola!

So even though its probably more boring than watching paint dry for those of you who don’t care about us, or the beach, or our friends, or …. hey, wait.  If you don’t care about any of that, why are you still reading???  (ha!)

We spent our first full day in Sandbridge just hanging out and getting oriented.  All of the families had spent the previous day (and some, the previous two days) driving to the east coast, so it was nice to wake up and know we didn’t have to be anywhere, at any certain time. The house we rented had a pool, but of course the big draw of the vacation was the ocean.

Unless you are Kendrie, and decide the very first day that you don’t like going to the beach because it leaves sand in every crack and crevice of your body and quite frankly, she found that to be more than a bit unpleasant.  I guess that’s the thing about growing up and playing in lakes, instead of the ocean.  Lake water is not salty, and does not leave you sticky or gritty.  Granted, you have to watch for snakes the whole time and make sure not to step on any beer bottles …… vs. stepping on jelly fish …. I guess everything in life has its ups and down.

Considering getting in:

Thinking …. thinking ….. um, no.  I’ll just stand here on the board and pretend like I’m surfing:

Kendrie:  “Yeah, I think I’ll just sit here the entire time and complain about how much I don’t like it.”

Kristie:   “You listen to me …. we’ve got six more days here at the beach and you are going to get in that water and you are going to boogie board and body surf and you are going to LIKE IT!”

Brayden was very clearly asserting her independence as one of the oldest kids there, and made clear her desire NOT to pose for pictures …. or spend time on the beach with me ….. or acknowledge my existence in any way possible.   She and the other “older” kids quickly hit it off, and got along great the entire week, so I was content to let her go and do her “thing” for much of the time.  And by “thing”, I mean “pretending she didn’t have a mother”, at least until we went shopping and she needed money.

Kellen wound up being the child who never wanted to leave the water.  To say he was in his element, with five or six other boys near his age, who loved the water and sand as much as he did … would be an understatement.  I was starting to think we could just leave him there overnight, tethered to a beach umbrella, and he’d be perfectly happy.

First full day at the beach, all 17 kids.  Notice at this point in the vacation no one is crying, angry, sunburned, or throwing a tantrum?  Actually, now that I think about it …. even by the end of the vacation, no one was crying, angry, sunburned, or throwing a tantrum.  Not even the moms.  I’d say that’s the sign of a pretty darn good “family” vacation.

I am so blessed to have the friends I have, and that my friends have the great kids they have, and am sad only about the fact we live so far away from one another.  Its really unfortunate when you only see your best friends once or twice a year.  (insert frowny face ….)

6 Responses to Vacation Day – Getting Oriented

  • 1 Sandra Gleason Says:

    This is one of my favorite vacation places! We have been a couple of times and loved the beach. Virginia beach and Sandbridge beaches are some of the cleanest beaches we have seen!

  • 2 Missy K Says:

    I’m kinda with Kendrie…HATE the sand! Why can we not have the lovely, beautiful, relaxing ocean without all that nasty sand & creepy crawlies swimming about?. Oh yeah…that is the pool at the hotel overlooking the ocean. LOL!

    Awesome pics. I, for one, love your pics. These especially were well needed. Beach vacay isn’t till Labor Day week. I get to live vicariously through your pics till then. :)

  • 3 hennifer Says:

    I hear you on the best friend thing. I haven’t seen my BFF in over 5 years and it is killing me.

    I love when you rehash your vacations, it gives me hope that maybe I might do more with my photos some year lol

  • 4 Karen B. Says:

    Your vacation looks and sounds divine, and down to earth. You’re blessed with great friends.

  • 5 Melissa Says:

    Does Kellen EAT?! Jeez, somebody get that kid a cheeseburger and some fries!

  • 6 Lynn Says:

    I’m with Kendrie on swimming in the ocean. I’m a lake girl also. I love relaxing at the beach but save the swimming for the pool. Sure do enjoy reading your blog.

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