Shock. And Awwwwwwww.

16 July 2011 | Kids,VBS

Shock.  Because Oh my Holy Stars, is that Kendrie?  IN A DRESS?????????????????

With leggings and neon colors and oh my word, is that a ponytail in her hair????

Are you kidding me????


Yep, that is Kendrie, indeed, in a dress.  Specifically, for VBS 2011, “Kicking it Old School”, where each grade was assigned a decade and the kids dressed up on the final day.  Hopefully it is obvious that Kendrie, and the other outgoing 5th graders, were assigned the 1980′s.

Which, goes without saying, is MY decade.  Every day her group had an 80′s quiz and every day she would come home and ask me the questions.  Perhaps I am a wee bit prideful, but I experienced great happiness in knowing every single answer.

Kendrie:  “What hairstyle was popular for boys in the 80′s?”

Me:  “Rat-tail!!”

Kendrie:  “Who were the two most popular singers in the 80′s?”

Me:  “Michael Jackson and Madonna, in that order!!”

Kendrie:  “There was a popular style of wat —-”

Me, interrupting:  “SWATCH!!!”

Kendrie:  “Mom.  Would you please let me finish the questions before screaming out your answers?”

As mid-high students, Brayden and Kellen were able to attend VBS as well, as helpers for the younger grades.  Except Brayden’s group leader was unable to attend and she was actually in charge of her entire first grade class for a few days.  Glad she was up to the challenge.  I don’t think at age 14 I would have been willing, or able, to manage a group of 6 and 7 year olds with no adult help.  Not without duct tape and handcuffs, anyway.

Can you guess what decade they each had?

And no, that is not a cigarette in Kellen’s mouth.  Apparently there was a well-stocked hospitality room for workers, complete with suckers, that Kellen availed himself of on a regular basis with no shame whatsoever.


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