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It will be time for our next vacation before I am finished …

Considering the kids and I have been home from our Virginia beach vacation almost a month now, I guess I better finish up my journaling and photos of the trip, before the memories fade as quickly as my tan did.  At this stage, we’re up to Day 3 now.  Or maybe 4.  I honestly don’t [...]

Vacation Day – Getting Oriented

To be honest, you know what I like best about re-capping our vacation here on this blog?  Not only does it give me an excuse to go back through the 2000+ (no lie) photos that I took, and re-live the happy memories, but this way, when I *finally* get organized in four or six or [...]

Vacation Day inland, Virginia

I put “inland” because technically, this isn’t vacation day number one, since vacation day number one was spent flying to the east coast.  However, we only spent one day at our friends house before driving to the beach the next day …so in a way, that was vacation day number one since it was our [...]

Day One of Vacation, Summer, 2011

Nothing quite as awesome as getting dropped off at the airport, kids and luggage in tow, only to discover your first flight has been delayed.  By two HOURS.  Of course, the OKC airport has a Sonic in the food court, so that easy access to my Diet Dr Pepper made the wait more tolerable. Then [...]