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Ten Years. Now excuse me while I go cry awhile.

Summer, 2001.   Summer, 2011. I’m too busy being sad about how quickly he’s growing up to even be happy about the fact he can mow the lawn now. In fact, *wants* to mow the lawn now.  Every day.  And when we say no, it doesn’t need it every day, he asks if he can [...]

Bladder Control

Ya’ll.  Seriously.  All I can say is, thank goodness this most recent pregnancy didn’t cause any permanent damage to my bladder, because the following image(s) almost made me WET MYSELF today, I was laughing so hard.  And while that might not be the kindest thing a mother has ever said about her own child, let [...]

Do you know Gregor?

One of Kellen’s favorite book series is “Gregor the Overlander”.  Its a set of stories about a boy who accidentally falls through a NYC laundry drain (?) and discovers an entire under-world, where people live, and compete for survival, with various animal species.  Warm, cuddly, smurf-able animals, like rats, mice, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, snakes, etc.  [...]

A gateway weapon

Blaine and Kellen, following an online tutorial on how to modify a Nerf gun to make it a more lethal weapon.  I’m pretty sure Uzi’s and pipe bombs are next. PS.  Hindsite being 20/20, I’m so happy we bought Brayden a little point and shoot for her last birthday.  The image quality might be a [...]

Kellen, age 11 – August 2009

I know I’m probably a wee bit biased …. but damn, that kid is good looking. :)

Thanks a lot, Walt Disney

Wednesday afternoon saw me and my three children at a local shoe store, buying new back-to-school tennis shoes. Or should I say, *attempting* to buy back-to-school shoes. At least for two of them. One of them went into her normal “it takes half an hour to decide on anything and we’ve got to try on [...]

I’ll just sit over here in the corner while my uterus weeps

Although he had been talking about doing it for a few weeks, and definitely wanted it done before school started, I still wasn’t quite ready. After the first football practice Monday night, his only reply to my “Did you have fun?” inquiry was a desperate, “I couldn’t see the ball to catch the passes! I’ve [...]

The beginning, middle and end. And by end, I mean END.

The beginning of summer, we spent our time sitting and watching this: The middle of summer, we spent our time sitting and watching this: And now, can you guess how we’re going to spend our time the END of this summer? (this was that jumping-and-rolling-over-your-teammate exercise, which as far as I’m concerned, they all looked [...]

NOT all in the family

Thankfully, Kellen does not share my loathing, burning, hatred slight aversion to physical exercise. He enjoys playing sports, and doesn’t mind sweating and running and jumping and all those other things that 11-yr old boys love to do. He’s been attending a wellness and conditioning program this summer sponsored by his school’s phys. ed. department, [...]

Survey Says …

Kellen and I were driving down the road today and I saw a survey crew working. You know, those guys that stand on the side of the road in their orange vests with big fancy tri-pod-y cameras, doing whatever survey-y things they do to measure property lines and commercial easements and what have you. My [...]