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Once Upon A Time …

Once upon a time, there was this girl.  And she married this boy.  And things were good.  It didn’t hurt that he had killer biceps, ofcourse.  And although they faced trials and challenges, just like anybody, they basically, after awhile, found themselves in a great place.  They had three beautiful kids, a wonderful military career [...]

Top 10 things I learned as an event photographer

Unbeknownst to me, one of Brayden’s classmates fathers (clear as mud?) works for a high-end American consumer retail company that sells kitchen wares, furniture and linens, as well as other housewares and home furnishings, along with a variety of specialty foods, soaps and lotions.   For privacy purposes I won’t say their name, but it rhymes with [...]

How poor people do annual school photos

So, like many (most? all?) public schools in America, the kids’ school here is contracted with a company called Lifetouch who comes to the school to take individual photos in the fall, and individual and class photos in the spring.  And because I am a rabid, dedicated, obsessed, avid scrapbooker, who hasn’t touched her photos [...]

Not facebook appropriate

Since many of the thoughts I have lately are quick and random and pretty well suited to Facebook, I have a tendency to update there more than here.  Not much content, but definitely faster.  The following would apply, except I have my kids’ friends on my facebook account, and as the following thought went through my [...]

What makes a 12th birthday special …

A sleepover with good friends ….. Swimming …. Trampoline …. S’mores ….. Cupcakes …. And getting to do it all WITHOUT your brother and sister around, butting in.  I had a little parental guilt about the fact I was taking Brayden and Kellen to the away football game that night, but then realized Kendrie would [...]

No idea

Why no, in fact, I have no idea why Sports Illustrated isn’t calling me. Do you???

And so it begins ….

…. another year of my love/hate relationship with referees and coaches who step RIGHT in front of me, at the exact moment I am trying to get the shot.  Too bad there’s not a burning need for blurry photos of the back of striped ref shirts …. I would SO have that market cornered. (sigh)

Second Meet of the Season

Yes, of course, I have more to talk about than our newest venture, cross country running, but for now, this is what you get.  Primarily because I took over 2000 ( !! ) photos of other people’s kids last week, playing numerous volleyball and football games, which was pretty much awesome, because every single game [...]

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

So, its been almost, close to, probably over a month since I updated last.  LIFE just sort of got in the way.  I guess that happens sometimes.  Then yesterday I received e-mail notice that my annual website service for this blog was being renewed (why, hello Mastercard!) and that was the prompt I needed to [...]

It will be time for our next vacation before I am finished …

Considering the kids and I have been home from our Virginia beach vacation almost a month now, I guess I better finish up my journaling and photos of the trip, before the memories fade as quickly as my tan did.  At this stage, we’re up to Day 3 now.  Or maybe 4.  I honestly don’t [...]